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Sunday, October 10, 2010

late night crafting.

My friends came over again tonight for crafts, but we didn't start until 7ish so we didn't wrap up for the night until almost 10!  It was so much fun though, the kids really enjoyed painting on Mod Podge and sticking on the tissue paper!
We made little lanterns out of glass jars and tissue paper, Halloween themed, of course ;)

supplies ready to go!

I made pumpkin cookies to celebrate....

pumpkin cookie face!

mod podge attack :)

daddy helping Libby make a ghost

Auggie's monster & pumpkin

August and her lanterns

Auggie & mama's lanterns

vampire lantern....needs sparkles ;)
pretty flower lantern for the girls' room

pretty Halloween lights <3

And now I'm going to bed!!  Tired mama. zZzZzZzzzz.....

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