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Friday, November 12, 2010

Letters to Santa

I know, I know, it's early!  But some family members shop early so I thought I'd do some simple art and get some gift ideas at the same time! 
First of all, we got a HUGE new table, I'm in love.

So the kids were dying to do crafts with all the extra space to spread out lol.  We started out making thank you cards with watercolor paints for the man who gave the table to us (for free!  So awesome!), and then moved on to our Christmas lists.  I wrote the lists as the girls looked through the Toys R Us catalog we recently got in the mail, and then the girls colored them in.  August also wrote her name on top, she's gotten great at writing in the past month, she sometimes needs help remembering what a letter looks like but if I write it on another paper she can easily write it on hers.

August's list cracks me up, even with looking at a toy catalog she came up with ideas like "a blanket with a pony with a tutu on it", "a standing up animal dog", and "A big HUGE toy guitar".  She also wants "A 3 toys (toy story 3) cowboy and a girl cowboy with a horse and a buzz lightyear and a 3 toys dinosaur"....these kids are so silly!!!

Now we're off to plan some weekend adventures, Sean actually has half a Friday and a whole Saturday off of work!!!

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