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Friday, November 5, 2010

Autumn craftiness begins

I love crafts.  I always wanted to be one of those moms who does crafts on an almost daily basis with their kids, I wanted art to be a large part of their lives.  It didn't quite happen that way, I had 3 kids in under 4 years so, unfortunately, I've spent more time than I'd like to admit parenting in survival mode.  Meaning if everyone is fed, mostly clean, and generally happy....we're good.  Craft time fell to the side as I went through early pregnancy yuck, late pregnancy yuck, early postpartum yuck, and being stuck in a chair nursing tiny babies.  But now my two oldest are old enough to really enjoy and appreciate doing crafts and my little one is big enough to view the action from her high chair with some toys to chew on, so, starting now, I'm living my mama-dream.  I actually sort of started in October, and discovered how much fun it is, but I have a huge lineup of fall crafts and then winter/holiday crafts coming up, so I'm REALLY excited! 

I also started hanging the girls' seasonal artwork on the kitchen wall, I love that it makes the kitchen so bright and festive!

Last night, for our first Thanksgiving/Autumn craft, we did a simple "Turkey hand" picture.  I really just needed them to do something before dinner so they'd stop begging to eat before it was ready, but it turned into a really cute project!

first we traced their handprints.....

then we turned the hands into turkeys.....

then we colored our pictures with crayons (concentration require your tongue out, you know.)

August wanted a family of turkeys so we added Libby's and even baby Callie's hand to her picture!

This morning we did another fall craft that I LOVED!  We took this idea, but made autumn leaves instead!  This one required more of my attention throughout the process but it was still super fun.

first I made crayon shreds from lots of broken crayons with a small knife

then I cut out leaf shapes from construction paper

the girls traced the shapes onto wax paper

then they added the crayons shreds over the leaf shape

I covered them with another sheet of wax paper and prepared to iron them

the wax melted out under the iron's heat

we found the black lines of the leaf outline and I gently cut them out

I then punched a hole in the stem and hung them from the curtain rod with yarn

the kitty hasn't attacked them.....yet.

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